The Thompson House Committee's Annual General Meeting is coming up at 2pm on the 24th of June. 

If any of you have questions, comments or suggestions you'd like to make, please join us in Room 1 and help to ensure the House continues to be a valuable resource for all those who want and need to use it.

We'd also appreciate hearing from anyone that would like to join the committee with a wonderful group of people that are always fun to be around.  Volunteering only requires a little less than an hour a month for 11 months and we'd really appreciate all the help we can get, particularly from users who can provide the invaluable feedback we need to keep things running smoothly.

If you haven't already, please follow us on Facebook for further updates and news.

Thompson House is popular with many organisations, artists, crafts people and clubs and with individuals who exhibit in its gallery.

This gracious old home, built in the 1920's is popular with community organisations, artists, craftspeople, clubs and individuals for meetings, workshops and exhibitions.

Exhibitions and workships held at Thompson House have included:

  • arts
  • crafts
  • antiques
  • works in glass, silver and bronze
  • prints
  • photography.


  • poetry readings
  • book launches
  • literary workshops and
  • market days.

These have all been well supported by the community. 

Four rooms which can accommodate 12 to 60 people, are available for hire at modest cost, as is the larger upstairs Gallery.