Hire rooms at Thompson House

Room Rates*

Room  Floor Capacity Clubs & Non-Profit Groups*
Business & Govt Depts*
Room 1 Ground 50 $20 $40
Room 2 Ground 25 $17 $35
Room 3 Upper 20 $15 $30
Gallery Upper 50 $20 $40

Rates are based on sessions lasting up to 4 hours, so rooms needed between 4 to 8 hours is double, and 8 to 12 is triple. 

Rooms can be booked for more than two consecutive days or for special events - rates on application to the Management Committee.

For exhibitions, rates will be subject to consideration. Please contact the office for any queries (see below).

The use of our staircase may be available for wedding photos to be taken at a cost of $17. Prior arrangement necessary.

* Rates were increased at the last Thompson House Committee's Annual General Meeting on the 26th of April, 2017.


Kitchen: Rates include the free use of the fully equipped kitchen. Please note all food and drink to be supplied by your organisation.

Disabled access: There are 2 disabled car parks next to the gate and a ramp to the side entrance.

Parking: Parking is free on the street

* Pictures of the kitchen, disabled access and parking are available on the Room Pictures page.


Contact us for further information at 06-368-5023 or thompsonmcci@gmail.com.
The receptionist, Vicki Webster, is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 10am to 12pm or leave a message.


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